Accompanied activitites (1-2 hour), for groups from 8 paying people:

Activity Timecap Price per person
Archery tag 1 hour € 15,00
Downhill step tour 1 hour € 16,50
Shooting games 1 hour € 15,00
Survivaltour (low-rope, photo searching tour and cave mission) 2 hour € 25,00
Camping Challenge 2 hour € 25,00
Rock Climbing 2 hour € 25,00
Accompanied activities (3-6 hour) for groups from 14 persons:

Archery Tag
Archery Tag is a spectactulair game in which you play against each other in a team. It's a combination of Dodgeball and archery. Each player has a bow and arrows with a rubber front with which you try to hit apponents and targets. 

Please note: This activity can be booked from the age of 10 years old.

Downhill step-tour
This step tour is for the real adventures. You start with instructions and excercises on a special Downhill step.
After practicing on the downhill step, you leave with an instructor. You will climb various hills and make spectacular descents.

Please note: This step tour can be booked from the age of 8 years old.

Shooting games
The shooting games take place at the campsite. After instructions from the instructor you will go longbow shooting and blowpipe shooting. Can you hit the rose?

Survival tour
This survival trip has a low rope parcours on the campsite a photo search mission and a cave mission.
Low rope
Will the participants succeed in completing the rope course between the trees without touching the ground? Cooperating between the participants is required to bring obstacles such as a rope sling, rope nets, rope bridges, balance beam and finally the balance beam to a succesful conclusion.
Photo search and cave mission 
With a photo search you go looking for a small cave. Are you brave enough to go into the dark cave find the exit and tame the cave mosquito?

Camping Challenge
With this activity you go on the campsite through the High Rope trail and you will go crate stacking. How high can you go?
A challenging rope trail runs through the trees up to a height of 8 meters with obstacles such a rope ladders, balance beams and climbing nets. After the instructor's explanation, the climbing harness and helmet is put on and the lifeline is fastened, you are ready to go!

Crate building
Stack crates as high as possible, while you are safely on top of the tower, and climb up

Please note: This activity can be booked from the age of 9 years old. You must be accompanied by an adult between the ages of 9 and 12.

Rock Climbing
You will climbing on a rock wall, where all participants are safely secured with a climbing rope. After the instructor's explanation, you soon notice that climbing is a very accessible sport.
You are literally going to rise above yourself!

Please note: This activity can be booked from the age of 6 years old. You must be accompanied by an adult between the ages of 6 and 12

Onaccompanied activity (2-3 hour):

Activity Timecap Price per person
GPS  1 hour € 9,50

Walk through the beautiful surrounding of the campsite. On the way you have to do some nice excercises and riddles.   

Activities Dinant Evasion
In collaboration with Dinant Evasion we offer an adventurous Kayak tour! Kayak 12 or 21 kilomters over the Lesse and enjoy the beautiful surroundings. You can embark on this adventure in a 1 or 2-persons kayak. Curious about the possibilities? Ask at the reception desk for more information.

Discover the pleasure of the water by sail boat through the admiring valley of the Meuse. On the road yourseld? No problem! Dinant Evasion offers flash boats that you can drive yourself without a license so you can discover the landscape of the Maas. You can enjoy with a maximum up to 7 people on this small boat. 
Dear a comfortable cruise? Then board the Copére or the Sax and discover the beautiful nature around the Maas. 

Activiteiten op de camping Boogschieten Boogschieten voor kinderen Klimmen op de pamperladder Staan op de pamperladder Instructies van de instructeur High Rope parcours Kratje stapelen