Activity program after season

from September and October

Accompanied activities :
Weekend programm Activity Price per person
Friday Welcome Gratuit
Saturday morning Rock Programm € 40,00
Saturday midday Downhill Steptour € 15,00
Sunday Camping challenge € 29,50

Would you like to participate in all activities throughout the weekend? Then take advanage of an adjusted price of € 80,- per person.

Welcome to our campsite on Friday
Welcome to our campsite with Mashmellows and soda for the children and a arepitif for the adults.

Rock Programm (10h00 - 13h00)

You will climb a rock face and you will find that climbing is accessible to everyone. You will literally rise above you.
It is a spectacular descent on a rope along a rock face of 40 meters. The instructor explains at the top, after which the most difficult first step follows: lowering yourself over the edge. After that you decide how fast you will go. Step by step with big jumps. Safety systems always ensure that everyone gets to the bottom of the rock safely.Don't forget to take in the view along the way!
Via ferrata
"Klettersteig" is also an adventure and climbing walk along a mountainside with steep cliffs and beautiful views. A real feeling of climbing. In the Via Ferrata, the participant searches for his way via a steel cable in the rocks.You can look around because you are securely attached to the steel cable. So don't forget to enjoy the view on the way up.

Downhill steptour (14h00 - 15h30)
This stopover visit is for real adventures.You start with instructions and exercises on a special descent stage.
After practicing the descent, you go with an instructor. You will climb different hills and make spectacular descents.

Note: this activity can be booked from 9 years old. You must be accompanied by an adult aged 9 to 12.  

Camping Challenge (10h00 - 13h00)
With this activity you go to the campsite through the High Rope trail and go to stack the crates. How far can you go?

High Rope
A challenging rope track cuts through trees to a height of 8 meters with obstacles such as rope ladders, balance beams and climbing nets.After the instructor's explanation, the climbing harness and helmet are put on and the lifeline is attached, you are ready to go!
Construction of crates
Stack the crates as high as you can, while you are safely at the top of the tower and go up.
Shooting games
The shooting games take place at the campsite. Following the instructor's instructions, you will go into long archery and torch shooting. Can you hit the rose?
Bass String
Will the participants succeed in completing the rope course between the trees without touching the ground? Cooperation between participants is necessary to successfully complete obstacles such as a rope sling, rope nets, rope bridges, a pendulum and finally the pendulum.

Note:This activity can be booked from 9 years old. You must be accompanied by an adult aged 9 to 12 Note:this activity can be booked from 9 years old. You must be accompanied by an adult aged 9 to 12.